Monday, May 19, 2008

Mini Olympics

Rylee does gymnastics at school on Mondays. Today was the Mini-Olympics. Brad was able to go and took some good video and some pictures. Enjoy!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lunch, Reeser style!!

Reese really enjoyed her lunch today. We were at a pizza buffet place that has chocolate pudding and goldfish at the salad bar. She used her spoon on the little bowl we gave her and then she moved on to trying to lick the bowl. As a result, she got it in her bangs, her forehead, nose, and everywhere else on her face.

(I'm hoping she will grow out of the "popeye phase" everytime she sees a camera.)

Rylee told me I had to take a picture of her to show that she can stay clean...I'm ignoring the fact that she has pudding around her mouth, too.

Costume Pictures

Thanks for the suggestion Angela! Here are what "sister poses" look like...the girls have some things to learn!!

I realize I look like a dork (admitting is the first step, right?) At the time, I thought I was soooo cool!
Over the years this is what recital pictures turned into. In the hallway, with lots of makeup, and not really wanting to take them. I went from a sweet ghostbuster to a street walker over 6 years. (That's okay, ask Ben about his sister's costume, she had one too!!)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rylee's Recital Pictures

Well folks, the recital is in 4 weeks!! As of today, she said she wanted to take dance again next year. It has been a rough road, mainly on me, who has to get her ready and then listen to her cry about having to stay at dance.

The last 2 times she got dressed and went into the class and got started without any crying. Maybe she will realize it isn't as bad as she thinks.

We were supposed to take professional pictures today, but because I had the wrong time in my head, we missed them. I took some in the hallway--make up and all. She didn't scream once putting on the mascara. (I can still remember Mom and me going round and round about that mascara.)

And of course it wouldn't be a true dance picture without a "sister pose." I wish my scanner worked, to show some of the lovely costumes Jennifer and I had growing up. I still love the Ghostbuster one.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Reese on the go...Brad wasn't quite fast enough to get her while she was standing beside Rylee.

My First Prom

....okay, my first Prom as a chaperone...

Prom was at the Gaylord Texan. I had never been there before and it was very pretty. We went to dinner before.

Here is Becky and Abigail at dinner.
The crew...Becky, Abigail, Julie, and me.
Abigail and me at Prom
The crew at Prom
This was the last prom I went to my senior year, 1996. Was it really 12 years ago? I can't be that old.

Children's Day 2008

Church has a Children's Day every year where Kid U (childrens choir) sings and they bring in all the children during the service. After the service they have hot dogs, bounce houses, and kite flying for the kids.

Here are some of the kids waiting in front of the auditorium. This is part of Reese's class. Abigail was born the same day as Reese and Tyler is only a few weeks younger. Both of their parents are in our Sunday School class.
Here is Rylee waiting patiently. The kids were supposed to sing a song with Kid U, but they didn't get to and she was very upset.
This is Mackenzie and Reese. They have a very girly "love-hate" relationship.
Here is Reese on the way out of the auditorium, Rylee was across the auditorium from where we sit and I couldn't get a picture of her before she left.

Brad's Guys Camping Trip

Brad went with Brian, Mark, and Robert to Ruidoso, New Mexico to fish, hike, and camp for a few days.

Before he left for New Mexico he dropped the girls off for some grandparent time. So I went out with my friends from work for dinner. This is Julie, Becky, and Abigail.

Pony Party

A couple of weeks ago, Rylee and Reese got to go to a pony party. Rylee was in hog heaven, and she even shared the ponies with the other kids. She told me that the pony was going to come to our house after the party. Thank goodness she forgot that at the end of the party.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Feeding Thatcher

One Sunday, after church we ate with the Porters at Jason's Deli. We all love the ice cream. Everyone had some, except Thatcher. So Reese took it upon herself to feed him.

I love her mouth as she tries to get it into his mouth.
Appartently, she wasn't doing it to Thatcher's satisfaction, the eyebrows tell it all...She starts to get bored with it and makes him work a little harder for the ice cream.

Brad's New Jeep

Brad got a new Jeep about a month ago.
The girls love riding in it, especially with the top down.

I love that her little ponytail is standing up on its own.

Easter Egg Hunts

One of the perks of having two sets of grandparents living in the same town, is having two Easter egg hunts. We did one at the Slates' on Saturday--we had perfect weather and it was sunny outside. Then overnight the weather changed and it was cold and rainy on Sunday. We had to do the hunt very quickly in between the rain showers.

Asking Great Granny for some help finding the eggs...
On the hunt, very serious...
Great Granny had a front row seat for all of the action.
A lot of the eggs had sour warheads in them. Pop tried his hand at the warhead...

...then Kristen and Brad tried...

...let's just say, it wasn't as great as Brad remembered!

Easter Egg Hunt II
We don't have any pictures of my side of the family because as we were trying to get all of the kids together, Reese fell and hit her head on the doll baby bed. No worries, a little love from Dad and her pacey and all her tears dried up.

This was the only place in mom's and dad's yard that wasn't flooded...the guys weren't pleased they had to place the eggs in the rain.

Rylee is not getting the eggs as fast as everyone else and she starts to get upset...

(let's not forget that she had just hunted a full basket of eggs, not 24 hours earlier)

(also notice there are still plenty of eggs on the ground, but still the tears come.)It took a little while to get the hang of it, but by the end she was hunting like a pro.