Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Decorating

Brad wasn't feeling well this morning, so we left church early. After we got home, the girls started playing with their little people nativity scene we got them....well, Rylee was trying to keep it the way she wanted it and Reese kept trying to mess it up. Rylee kept telling Reese, "no, they are here to see baby Jesus, so they need to be facing him. Stop moving them!"

We tried to take some pictures in front of our Christmas tree...they didn't go much better than the pajama party or with Santa.
There is improvement....they are both facing the camera.

Now if we can just get real smiles are both of their faces at the same time.

Thanksgiving Break

The first part of the week Brad's family was able to come up and spend some time with us. Before they left we played outside in the beautiful weather.

Rylee is trying to get Reese to play tag with her, but Reese didn't understand she was supposed to chase her sister after Rylee tagged her.
Rylee was trying to learn about "base," apparently when you are 4, you just keep running, but when your Aunt Kristen is playing, you need a "base."
On Thanksgiving day we headed over to my sister's house. Jason was in charge of the turkey and he did a great job with the entire meal. While we were there I realized Jackson shuts himself in the refrigerator a lot.

Jackson was trying to keep up with Jenna and Rylee...I think the braclets were the girls idea!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pictures with Santa

I took the girls on Tuesday to see Santa with my sister and her kids.

Rylee did well...she is smiling and her face is towards the camera, but still no eyes facing the camera. Then it came time for Reese to sit in Santa's lap.....

Reese wanted no part of Santa. She started to cry when she got close to him, so the best we have is of her crying and Rylee smiling.

After pictures, we did get a good picture of Rylee with her cousin Jenna.

Pajama Party

The girls went to their first pajama party on Monday. We have a woman in our ABF group at church that is a professional photographer and as a gift to everyone took pictures of the kids. Let's just say it didn't go well. Reese's face sums it up. She didn't want Rylee touching her and Rylee has a problem looking at the camera...she will smile and face the camera, but her eyes are always somewhere else.

I'm entering into the blog world. I'm still new but do have a little help from some friends. I'll try to keep it updated. I'm not promising every week but when the big things happen.