Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rylee's grace

Rylee's swelling has gone down, but now her bruise is yellow and the swelling and bruising has spread to around her eyes. (It reminds me a lot of her Aunt Kristen's broken nose.)

She says it doesn't hurt, but it just looks like it does. I don't worry about the call from CPS though, because anyone who knows Rylee, knows that she is CLUMSY!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

God's Grace

God knows what he is doing. As Rylee gets older, we understand why God led us to give her the middle name Grace....she needs all she can get.

This is Rylee's bruise from running into Pop's lawnmower while trying to learn to ride her bike.
And this lovely little bruise, is from her falling off the arm of the couch onto the laminate floor head first. And yes, that is a HUGE goose egg sticking out on her forehead.

Christmas with the Young's

Sunday, we went to church with Brad's parents. Johnny sings on the praise team, and we aren't allowed to sit where he can see us. I think, he is afraid we would try to mess him up. Here are the girls after church.

I think I got dizzier than Reese and Rylee.

Opening presents with the family.

Great Aunt Shirley gave the girls really cool Christmas night lights that will be staying all year round.

Brian and Judie gave Shirley a neat cross with beads on it. We all wanted one after seeing hers.

Finally Pop got to bring in the bikes, now all the bike accessories started to make sense to Rylee.

Uncle Ben got a present too.

Christmas at the White's

After the family left on Saturday we opened presents from my family. We couldn't get the kids on the same couch at the same time...but 3 is really close to 4.

Reese really enjoyed ripping off the paper this year.
Rylee really didn't know that her Gran and Pop were getting her a bicycle, but she thought the pricess helmet was cool. Thanks, Aunt Jenn.
Jenna got some cool shirts...every child's favorite Christmas gift....sorry, that is what your mom told us to get you.
Jackson opening his cool shirts.Date night, alright!!

White's 40th Wedding Anniversary

Sunday the 23rd, was mom and dad's 40th wedding anniversary. We got a cake to celebrate with everyone on Saturday.

Buse Family Christmas

Every year on the Saturday before Christmas we have the Buse family Christmas. Here are a few pictures from Saturday. We missed the ones that weren't able to make it. Tim and Holly we will forgive because their newest addition to their family is just so cute. Congratulations!

Brad and Dee Ann
Jason and Jennifer
my dad's cousin Earla
the Buse crew: Clinton, Maurine, Carolyn, Judy, Gladys, Ed, and L.D.
my dad's uncle and aunt, L.D. and Maurine
my dad's sister and her husband, Ed and Gladys
mom and dad, Larry and Joy

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Caught Red-Handed!!!

This is the face of a 21 month old getting caught red-handed playing with her sister's markers. Reese decided to decorate her sister's room door with marker then moved to Rylee's wall.
Freeze, put your hands up, the jig is up.....
Cheese, did I do something wrong?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

More of the Christmas Program

Here's the crew....Rylee, Hailey Lewis, and Eli Hammond....they have been together in the same class since Rylee started at Dayspring at 11 months old.
Reese is much happier with the cookies part of the program.
Showing me her cookies...
This is Reese's beloved teacher, Brenda, she is also our babysitter. Brenda's sister works at the daycare and both of the girls had Brenda and Reeta as teachers. God has blessed us with a great daycare for the girls and people that take care that love them.
This is Rylee's teacher, Kim, she has taught Rylee a lot since June. Rylee can now recognize all her letters and write her name and other words when given the letters.

Christmas Program at school

Tonight the girls had their Christmas program at school. They sing Christmas carols with their classmates in front of all the parents. Very low key but Rylee loves it. She is standing next to her best buddy, Hailey. She is the one with the long hair.
I think she is singing.....
Reese on the other hand is having a hard time with this whole Christmas thing. First, it was the pajama party, then Santa, and now her program....not a big fan. She started crying the moment she came outside.....
and didn't stop through the singing....until she heard there were cookies inside and then she stopped and made a mad dash inside. She doesn't get the nickname, Tank, for no reason.

Brad's Store Christmas party

On Sunday, Brad had his annual Christmas party at the store. His crew brings their families and food and enjoys some time together. Well the girls love it because they can run around Dad's store and NOT get in trouble. Reese would run to the back of the store, stand against the wall, and say go and then run to the front. I love that she is holding her sippy cup like a football...notice it is in the left hand, maybe Brad will get his left-handed athlete?

Now the sisters are running together, playing chase...oh the energy of the young.
I was able to sneak in a picture of the girls together (barely).

After we ate, the girls got to hit a pinata. Rylee is an old pro at it after three years, but Reese took the stick from Brad and ran away the other direction.