Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break

Every mom has a mom thing that freaks them out. Mine is swings. I know it doesn't make sense, I loved swings as a child, but now, just the thought of the whole thing makes me sick. I don't mind if the girls go on swings, I just can't watch or push without being really nervous and my stomach sitting in my throat. With this being said, Mom and I took the girls to the park near their church in San Angelo over the break. Rylee wanted to be pushed on the tire swing. (Those who know every detail of my swing thing, know this is the worst thing for her to get on.) Mom was busy with Reese in another section of the playground, so that left me to push. Well, Jenna got on too and I started to push, then a little faster, and in a circular motion. And then there goes Rylee out of the bottom of the tire onto the ground and hits her head. See now, it's not that weird of a mom thing. Needless to say, she was fine and I let her swing again.

Here Rylee is climbing the ropes. (We just had those half-sphere metal bars when I was growing up.) She will go 15 feet in the air, but refuses to ride her bike because she might get hurt.

Yes, I'm pushing Reese here. Baby swings don't freak me out as much, because there is no chance of hitting the side.
...and here is Rylee in the baby swings...whatever. I had to ignore the moving of the support bar (once again stomach in my throat.)
Rylee and Jenna playing in the sand. They have a love-hate relationship. I hate to say the "hate" part is more on Rylee's side. Jenna just wanted to be wherever Rylee was, and Rylee just wanted to be by herself sometimes.
Reese doing her own thing...riding the seahorse
Saturday night we went to a birthday party at the mall in San Angelo...neon mini-golf...Rylee kept wanting to hit the ball with the club facing the wrong way. After the party Margie, Ben's mother, took the kids down to the rides and paid for them all to ride. Here is Rylee and Reese riding on the train.

Kaylyn and Rylee...this is Ben's niece...her mom and I were in the same dance class for years.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Shopping with the girls...

...Reese and I went shopping in Dallas with two of my friends from work, and she had to try on shoes too.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Reese's Party....

...finally I was able to upload the pictures... there are a lot.

Jackson found Rylee's dress up shoes, too bad they weren't the same pair.

Thatcher loves balls, Mike let him play with it, even though it was pink.

My friend, Abigail, helped Reese open the box with the baby in it. Thanks, Abigail.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Reese's Birthday

Reese's 2nd birthday...
Reese's 1st birthday...

2 parties in 1!

Last weekend Jenna and Jackson had their birthday parties together at a bounce house. I think everyone had fun.

Shh...don't tell her, she is small...

Just like her daddy