Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Rylee was Super Girl and Reese was Minnie Mouse (or if you ask her, Mickey Mouse.)

We went to Light Up the Night at Harvest. The women in the background in the gray sweater is one of my best friends, Julie. She is the one that was lost at Rylee's birthday party.Rylee jumping.

Reese went to lean on this mushroom and it fell over.

A photo spot on the football field.

Reese's friend Mackenzie, they are in the same Sunday School class.
Reese and Thatcher
The only house we went to for Trick or Treating...Abigail's
....and since we were her last Trick or Treaters we got to get a little extra candy.

High Voltage Week--Homecoming 2008

The Social Studies Department decided to decorate a hall this year for homecoming. It was High Voltage Week, we were playing the panthers. We did an outside view with electricity poles and a panther walking up the pole and then being electrocuted.

Presents in the mail....

....Great Granny sent the girls some hats, bracelets, flip flops, and a shirt. Thanks Granny!!!!

Cowboys vs Redskins

If you notice there is a wall behind. We were on the very last row, but actually could see everything and weren't in the sun.

Margie bought a hat at the game and then took it off....I think it was a little hot and it attracted a large man that yelled at her. It's a funny story....
Warming up on the field. Here is a video of the players coming out onto the field.

I Pledge Allegiance

Reese has to say the pledge of allegiance every day at school. Here she is saying it. You just have to turn your head.