Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Guitar Hero

We rented Guitar Hero. You try to match up the notes on the TV with the colored keys on the guitar. Sounds simple, right? Well, you have to match them up and push now a button each time a note comes up. I didn't master it, I could only hit the colored keys or strum, but not at the same time. Brad seemed to enjoy it and even started to pick it up (when the girls weren't helping.)

Houston Trip--Johnson Space Center

We started our trip with a visit to the Space Center. They had a Star Wars exhibit and a really huge (3 story) playground. We didn't ride the trams that take you to see the control rooms or the landing sites, the girls really needed a nap and some lunch.

Their favorite part...the slide. Rylee rode with Reese in front of her.

Houston Trip--Galveston Beach

We took the girls to the beach. We had planned on taking them after we went to the Space Center, but they needed naps and we all ended up sleeping for a long time. We got there about 7pm and had the beach to ourselves. The girls and Brad tried to make a sand castle. Really, Brad tried and the girls destroyed. Reese kept bringing him water and Rylee kept pouring water and sand on his back. I went and sat in the water.

I'm a Big Girl Now!!

Reese gave her pacey to the baby birds that live in the birdhouse on the porch. She has done pretty well without it. She has become more attached to her blanket, but still goes to sleep without a fight.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Look Who's 30!!!


Do you think, Daddy, will notice if I eat some of the icing....
Helping Daddy blow out the candles.
This is Hayden, his mom is my cousin Tammy. He is a few months younger than Reese.Daddy opening his present from the girls. Rylee was insistent that we get him a boy Barbie.

All the kids signed or drew on his present.

Fun with Gran and Pop

At Gran and Pop's they love to go swimming...this is the first time for Reese to have floaties on her arms. Pop turned her bottom up so she could float. She wasn't real sure if she liked it.

But she did much better with Pop holding her.
Of course she had to go potty, but refused to go in her swim diaper (if only she would refuse to go in her pull up, she might be potty trained.) We told Sandra to make her go in the grass. San Angelo, is country, right? Anyway, Gran had to show her how to squat, and then Reese was able to go.

Yes, that is my baby flying in the air, poor thing, she has a wedgie
Monkey see, monkey do....

Fun with Granddaddy and G-Mommy

For Brad's birthday and the 4th of July, we went to San Angelo.

Rylee wanted to ride on the tractor, Dad usually pulls the grandkids in a wagon. But that day, Rylee got to drive. She did pretty good. She drove in the alley, the street, and through yards.

Another thing they love, is the cat. This cat and her sister showed up at our house as kittens the summer before I started 8th or 9th grade. This poor cat is old, over 15 years old. Jennifer and I never picked her up, she would run under the car. But the grandkids pick her up like she has always let people touch her. We did have to remind them the head goes on top.
Monkey see, monkey do...

But Mom, I'm not tired.....

I love it when she says she isn't tired....she fell asleep with the marker in one hand and the lid in the other.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lunch at Daddy's store

We went to Brad's store this week and ate lunch. The girls got to wear some cow hats. And do a little work.

Brad has always said that they will work at his store. I was thinking when they were 16, not 4 and 2.

Caught Red Handed...

...or should I say caught pink handed. Rylee won a prize at SSS, it was a princess stamp set. While I was trying to cook dinner, Reese got ahold of it and Rylee tried to clean it up.

SSS--Family Night

The last night had bounce houses, food, and games for the kids and their families. Here are some of the pictures before it started to rain.
Thatcher and Reese played on a bounce house reserved for little kids.